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Current Workshops
Past Workshops

Chowgule Center for Creative Arts  hosted an engaging resin art workshop led by skilled artist Noorjahan Sheik. Noorjahan guided participants through resin techniques, from mixing to creating beautiful designs. Her expertise and enthusiasm fostered creativity as attendees crafted unique resin artworks. The workshop showcased the versatility of resin, inspiring all with Noorjahan's innovative methods.

Resin Art Workshop
Pottery Workshop

At the Chowgule Center for Creative Arts, a fun pottery workshop took place. Mr. Vishwanath Shetkar, an expert potter, taught the participants about making pottery. He showed them how to shape clay into beautiful objects. The attendees got to work with the clay themselves, following Mr. Shetkar's guidance. It was a hands-on experience where everyone could explore their creativity while learning the art of pottery.

The Public speaking workshop empowered participants, enabling them to confidently articulate their thoughts and ideas. Each session focused on practical exercises, enhancing speaking skills and boosting self-assurance.Attendees learned valuable techniques for engaging audiences, structuring speeches, and managing stage fright. The interactive approach ensured active participation and hands-on experience in a supportive environment.

"Speak Like a Pro!" - Publick Speaking Workshop